Louis Armstrong
I have been an ardent collector and researcher of Louis Armstrong’s music for 58 years. I – like many others – also contributed to Jos Willems’ unbelievably fantastic Armstrong discography “ALL OF ME” – a must for all serious collectors.

The story of “LOUIS ARMSTRONG’s 50 HOT CHORUSES FOR CORNET (1927)” intrigued me so that I recorded and produced all the 53 tunes and breaks in co-operation with the great, internationally well-known, trumpeter Bent Persson. These solos were never recorded on commercial discs, existing only in written form derived from wax cylinders. It took some 30 years to conclude this project but now the complete work can be found on three sensational CDs on Kenneth Records CKS 3411- 3413.

AMBASSADOR RECORDS, Louis' "own" label, was founded in 1989. This label – a must for any serious Louis Armstrong collector - features him through many years, starting in 1935. These CDs - contrary to others - contain Louis' 1935-1949 (except for the RCA Victor recordings) complete chronological work including alternate takes and radio transcriptions. The 78rpm records are derived from my own well preserved collection. The records have been carefully remastered and pitch controlled in a studio, removing clicks, noises, flutters and scratches. For transfers we used different styluses of choice for each record. We aim at quality, completeness and quantity! The booklets contain all known discographical information.    

THE AMBASSADOR LOUIS ARMSTRONG SOCIETY (TALAS) is a group of people interested in the great man’s work. Being a member is free, but you need to have an email address. Sometimes you get tips about interesting or newly discovered recordings or new information about Satchmo that still turns up more than 30 years after his death. You can always ask questions and we will try to answer them.

Louis Armstrong has been my great inspiration in the music business all these years and continues to be so, both as a musician and as a human being.
If you are a collector of Louis Armstrong records or interested in the great man´s life visit The Ambassador Louis Armstrong Society or Ambassador Records or use Orders/Contact.
Gösta Hägglöf
Classic Jazz Productions